Congratulations WebTV Browsers (and/or Angelenos)! and Welcome! to the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY!!! You have somehow arrived at the STEELY DAN WEB SITE!

STEELY DAN is a "musical group", well-known to you or your parents and/or children. The STEELY DAN WEB SITE is like a big TV CHANNEL - and the WEB PAGES on the STEELY DAN WEB SITE are like different TV SHOWS playing on that station. It's that simple.

Here is a partial "listing" of different "shows" on the STEELY DAN "channel" that you can "tune in" to right now!!!
9:00 Countdown to Infamy Rikki can't decide which musicians to use on the Cleveland gig and Lucy gets the whole neighborhood involved.
9:30 Steely Dan Mail Room (Color, 1978, 1 hr 46 min.) TV's David Soul ("Starsky and Hutch") stars in this so-called thriller about a Southerner's attempt to clear his name of bogus murder charges in 19th century Montreal. What a stinker.
Of Late Infomercial for revolutionary infrared cookware/skincare system/depilatory device, hosted by Victor Mature and Victoria Principal. Guest appearances/testimonials by: Graham Kerr, Cher, Shari & Furry Lewis.
12:30 Les'd in Space (RillColor, 1997, 2 hrs 10 min.) A hapless would-be webmaster is kidnapped and sexually molested by madcap aliens at a resort hotel in Laguna Beach. Comedy.
2:45 Denny's Corner Tonight's episode: Katy and the Gremlins
4:00 Dear Craig Award-winning cultural affairs series (R)
The Steely Dan Website is completely Frame-Free!!

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